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Buying a Liquor License in Florida is a very complicated process.  Licenses can be acquired in one of two ways.  First, some licenses can be obtained directly from the government.  In order to get one of these licenses you must submit your application to the local ABT and wait for the process to complete. Second, you can buy a license on the open market.  This is how the majority of liquor licenses in Florida are obtained.  In all likelihood, you will need to buy a Florida Liquor License in order to sell alcohol. Luckily the transfer process is not very time consuming, taking only approximately 3 weeks after the buyer and seller have been matched.  In addition, when buying a liquor license in Florida, it is important to remember that you can get a liquor license loan to fund the license.  If you are interested in purchasing a liquor license in Florida, we are the firm to get the job done in a timely and worry-free manor.

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