Broward Liquor License

Resources for acquiring a Fort Lauderdale Liquor License in Broward County.

Broward Liquor License

Broward Liquor license

Types of Broward Liquor Licenses

1APS – Beer (package Sales only)

2APS – Beer and Wine (Package Sales Only)

1COP – Beer (Package and Consumption)

2COP – Beer and Wine (Package and Consumption)

3PS – Beer, Wine and Spirits (Package Sales Only)

4COP – Beer, Wine, and Spirits (Package and Consumption)

11C – Beer, Wine, and Spirits (Consumption Only)

SRX – Special Restaurant License (Limitations Apply)

SRX Limitations

Restaurants that qualify must have more than 4000 square feet (under permanent cover), 200 seats, and at least 51% of revenue coming from food.


Instructions to getting a Broward Liquor License

1. Get a zoning approval document from your local governing body.

2. Get health approval for safety and sanitation from either the Division of Hotels and Restaurants or the County Health Authority

3. Get fingerprints from PearsonVue

4. Give you Social Security #

5. Register your business

6. provide a sketch of the business location

7. Get a certified copy of your arrest disposition (if applicable)

8. Fill out the Liquor License Application

9. Mail or walk in your application to the Florida Alcohol Beverage Control


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