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7COP for Sale

7COP for sale in every county

The Florida Department of Professional Regulation issues all Florida Liquor Licenses state-wide. The type of Florida Liquor License you need depends on whether you intend to sell liquor drinks and whether customers will consume beverages on-site or buy with the intent of consuming liquor off-premises. A 7COP license is necessary for an establishment to either sell alcoholic drinks or offer package sales.

Quota licenses authorize an establish to sell alcohol of all types (Beer, Wine, Liquor). The number of quota licenses, and all liquor licenses in Florida for that matter, are limited by the number of people residing in a county.  In specific, a license is issued for every 7,500 people in the county according to the federal census bureau. In addition to the number of people in the county, the local governing body must also allow liquor to be sold in the county.

7COP licenses can be obtained either via the Liquor license Lottery or the open market.  Attempting to get a license through the Liquor License Lottery, however, is risky.  The chance of getting a 7COP in the lottery can be below 10% depending on the county.  The less risky way to get a 7COP Liquor License is the open market.  As the largest Liquor license broker in Florida, we currently have a number for 7COP for sale.  Our inventory is dispersed across many of the counties in Florida and each license is priced to sell.

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